Letter from Geneva
The global trading system requires special rules for financial services.  Read more

Who Will Do It?
In the wake of the global financial crisis, there are many calls for more regulation. The question is: Who Will Do It?  The global financial system does not need more regulations as much as it needs more and smarter regulators. Read more

Letter from Sarajevo
Building robust insurance markets in transition economies is not simple. Read more

Transparent Insurance Markets
Omniscient supervisors don’t exist, but we can all help. Read more

Watching Other People’s Money
Effective global supervision asserts the interests of policyholders in restraining risktaking with their money. By adding this restraint, prudential supervision creates markets; it does not impede them. Read more

Risk, Freedom, and Development
There is more to development than rising income. The opening of India’s insurance market illustrated the importance of free choice. Read more