Foundation staff have advised the governments and supervisory authorities of more than twenty countries. The Foundation:

  • Organized first IAIS Regional Training Seminars
  • Trained Polish supervisory staff on evaluation of reinsurance
  • Advised first Chairman of India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Agency in preparation for opening the market to private insurers
  • Trained IRDA staff in on-site inspections
  • Conducted regular executive development seminars in collaboration with Brazil’s National School of Insurance
  • Recommended curriculum development methodology for The World Bank/IAIS Core Curriculum Project
  • Authored Core Curriculum modules on the Supervisory Authority and on Investments
  • Conducted workshops on reserving, on-site inspections, financial analysis, and early warning systems for Peru’s Superintendent of Banking and Insurance, with detailed recommendations for strengthening the supervisory framework
  • Drafted a reformed insurance law for Nicaragua to comply with CAFTA
  • Trained the staff of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority on the process of licensing new insurers
  • Designed required supervisory reporting forms for Saudi Arabian insurers
  • Conducted workshops on financial analysis and on-site inspections for the Ministry of Finance in Azerbaijan
  • Conducted workshops to assist Bosnia-Herzegovina in the IAIS Self-Assessment
  • Collaborated in the development of USAID’s Financial Sector Certification course
  • Delivered USAID Financial Sector Certification course on insurance
  • Developed Egyptian insurance brokers’ licensing course