NHL, Fanatics unveil on-ice player uniforms to be worn for 2024-25 season

Fanatics stressed the importance of collaborating with players, equipment managers and more to get the jersey perfect

The NHL and Fanatics officially debuted the Fanatics Authentic Pro NHL on-ice uniform on Wednesday, marking the first Fanatics-branded and designed NHL uniform that will be worn for the upcoming 2024-25 season. 

Fanatics has been heavily involved in designing and manufacturing merchandise and apparel for professional sports leagues all over the globe, but this is the first time the global sports leader will see their logo on game-worn uniforms. 

Since 2018, Fanatics has designed and manufactured performance and training apparel for the NHL’s players, coaches and staff members, and it announced last year that it was expanding its partnership on-ice by becoming the official outfitter of the NHL’s uniform for the next 10 seasons. 


Florida Panthers jersey on mannequin

A Florida Panthers jersey with new Fanatics manufacturing. (Fanatics / Fox News)

"I couldn’t be prouder to unveil the first-ever Fanatics branded NHL uniforms," Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin said in an official statement. "These jerseys were meticulously crafted in lockstep with NHL players, the NHLPA, equipment managers, teams and the NHL. Their feedback on what they were looking for in their next uniform completely drove our design, which was validated when we went back to all 32 teams during the past season to the show players and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. 

"We’re excited to debut the jersey we’ve developed that will not only be worn by the best hockey players in the world, but also, for the first time in a decade, these same jerseys can be purchased by the NHL’s passionate fans as well."

Fanatics is replacing Adidas as the league’s official uniform partner, but the company is working with the same apparel company, SP Apparel, which has been producing jerseys for the NHL for decades. 


As Rubin mentioned in his statement, Fanatics did not take the responsibility of having its logo on a jersey for the first time lightly. They wanted to make sure they were crafting all 32 team jerseys to the best of their abilities. 

Keith Leach, VP/GM NHL & Canada for Fanatics, discussed the "super important" process of going back and forth with players and their equipment managers to make sure the jerseys were up to their standards. 

They even made a couple of small tweaks to the uniform, while maintaining the integrity and tradition that each sweater is known for. 

"We didn’t want to start with change for the sake of change." Leach said.

"[We said] let’s go find out what’s working in the uniform for the players. If there’s opportunities to make improvements, we will. But it was really critical that we didn’t come in and say, ‘We’re just going to make change for change.’ One, for our brand, because we wanted to create that authenticity and that credibility story. And two, we ultimately wanted to make sure it works for the athlete."

That strategy for Leach and his team included a trip to the annual equipment manager’s meeting, where Fanatics got to sit with all 32 equipment heads for each team to discuss what they wanted to see from the new jerseys. 

One change? Increasing durability in the elbow area to avoid "board burn."

Edmonton Oilers jersey

Edmonton Oilers jersey being worked on. (Fanatics / Fox News)

"They were like, ‘Look, they fit great. They wear well. The fabric’s breathing. We’re running into a couple durability issues,’" Leach recalled. "We were like, ‘Really, tell us about that.’ And they started to show us, and it consistently showed up in this arm area. ‘Board burn.’ It’s like a cigarette burn – once it goes, it’s gone. So, what does that mean for the jerseys? They got to throw them away. They can’t even repair them.

"We came back in June ’23 at the annual equipment managers meeting, and we got to see them all. We literally had a session and sat down with all 32 equipment managers, showed them the prototyping, had dialogue. They touched it and felt it and said, ‘This is great,’ and, ‘Could be a little better here,’ or how we want to repair it here. We quickly went and pressure-tested them on summer ice with some NHL teams. Essentially, the players were like, ‘Seamless.’ Ultimately, that’s what we were looking for."

There are also new shoulder fabrics to replace the debossed pattern fabric that was previously used on the shoulders. Additionally, a new NHL Shield execution on the front neck of the jersey will include a hologram finish. 

Finally, the Fanatics branding will be embroidered on the back neck of each jersey. 

"Fanatics did a great job designing these jerseys," Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews said. 

New Jersey Devils phenom Jack Hughes added, "Fanatics made a really good-looking jersey. It feels great, the Devils crest looks amazing, and I look forward to wearing it on the ice next season."

Fanatics logo on Buffalo Sabres jersey

Fanatics logo embroidered on a Buffalo Sabres jersey. (Fanatics / Fox News)

Fanatics also thought about the fans as much as the players with the new jerseys. For the first time in a decade, fans will be able to purchase the authentic on-ice jersey, an identical one made in Canada with the "fight strap" and all, as well as Fanatics’ other portfolio of authentic and replica jerseys. 


The jerseys will be seen first on NHL players at the 2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft, starting June 28 at Sphere in Las Vegas. Fans will be able to purchase retail versions and additional team apparel, which includes a new line of fan gear crafted in Canada, starting in September with the hockey season around the corner. 

"NHL uniforms are considered by many to be the best in sports, and the history, tradition and respect that goes with our NHL sweaters is paramount to both the NHL and Fanatics," said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. "Fanatics listened to our players and Clubs, and preserved the quality, performance and design of our uniforms to serve our world-class athletes. We have a shared commitment with Fanatics to serving our Players and fans, and we are proud of what Fanatics has delivered to our new uniforms." 

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